Marina Budva

Safe Harbor Within the Ancient City

Nestled in the safe, calm waters of the middle of coastal Montenegro, the ancient city of Budva has proudly stood the test of time. With almost 2,500 years of heritage, this deceptively modern city is actually one of the Adriatic Sea’s oldest settlements. From its rich heritage to its modern amenities and diverse nightlife, you’ll love every moment you spend within Budva.

The Perfect Mooring Location

Budva Marina enjoys protection from a natural harbor. That means that in addition to its solid infrastructure, mother nature also plays a part in protecting your mooring location. Raging storms will come and go, and you’ll remain safe in a harbor both dependable and picturesque.

Rich History

Located at the foot of Budva’s Old Town, the Port of Budva is only minutes away from one of the largest tourist attractions in the Adriatic. Towers and walls protect the interior of Old Town, with a towering citadel looming overhead. Though the world around this picturesque city of the Middle Ages has grown, Old Town seems to have been frozen in time. You owe it to yourself to go experience this living, breathing medieval town for yourself!

The Adriatic Nightlife Destination

Since the earliest discotheques opened their doors in the 1980’s, Budva has been a huge cultural center for Montenegro and neighboring countries. World-class clubs, restaurants and bars line the streets, giving life to a dynamic and lively entertainment scene. However, that’s not all; this medieval city is also home to numerous festivals and cultural events year-round. If you’re looking for a true taste of Montenegrin culture, you’ve found it in Budva.

Let us show you what makes Budva so special!

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GPS coordinates of marina Budva:

  • N 42 16.792
  • E 18 50.311
  • Position of the Budva marina on Google Maps
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